How to get started with programming?

Most difficult thing in life is to start something. The rest just glides into your path.

Posted 2018-07-07 12:26:25 AM
GettingStarted HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript

Perhaps the most common question that I get asked from people is how to get started with programming? I often give them websites or pass down a pdf file of a certain language and suggest them to learn it. But I know for a fact that its pretty ambiguous when someone just tells you to learn it from a pdf or "thats the way I did it". This is the vulgarity of the Programming world, and I will not deny it but I have firmly practiced it.

If you have read so far you are certainly waiting for a confined solution, the most appropriate one to get started with Programming and thats what I have today. I got it wrong when I started. I learned C++ as my first programming language which was very challenging and a pain in the ass. I wished I could've gone for a more High level programming language. But later when I delved into web development, I realized that I should've started with something basic.

Hello World!

To get started with programming don't try out with the most advanced thing or try to crack down Dijkstra algorithm or to expect to hack into NSA in first week. Start small.

Learn HTML,CSS and Bootstrap
Below I've added some links to one of the best websites to learn HTML and CSS. It will probably take around a week to be fluent in both of them. Again, DO NOT try to master HTML and CSS. However, take your time with bootstrap. Most importantly learn about passing id and class and how to use them to design a site. You are looking for a bigger purpose; this is just the beginning. And don't expect to hack NASA using HTML. Its stupidity and extremely disgraceful.

HTML CSS Bootstrap
w3schools HTML w3schools CSS w3schools BOOTSTRAP
mozilla HTML mozilla CSS mozilla BOOTSTRAP

One more thing about HTML. Its not a Programming language, it's a Markup Language. So, if someone asks you, what language you code in NEVER say HTML, for if someone says it then you have the licence to insult him/her.

Once you have learned HTML, CSS and Bootstrap try to work on a project on your own. Make an website about yourself or anything else. In fact the site that you are in right now. I have only used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to create it. Nothing less Nothing more.


Now, here's where big boy stuff happens. You are fluent in HCB(HTML, CSS and Bootstrap). What's next??
Answer -> JavaScript

JavaScript is single handedly the most important thing in web development. Well you can make a site with HTML and CSS or with only HTML. But its gonna be functionless. Its like you have the power to create Human life and the only thing you create is structural bones. HTML is human bones, CSS is the muscles and skin, Bootstrap will dress up your human and JavaScript is the brain. It makes your person move, jump, think and much more.

So, How do you learn it??

w3schools JavaScript
mozilla JavaScript
tutorialspoint JavaScript

One more thing with JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language and at this point in your life, you will pretty much go to stackoverflow or search programming questions online, if you are really delving into this. Its my most sincere request to really not follow what everyone else is doing. You might get a suggestion to learn jQuery or any other framework but PLEASE have a proper understanding of the basic JavaScript and implement it in your project that you created with HCB.

If you get this far and actually learn JS just like I suggested. You can start applying for jobs. Honestly, HCB and JS are the minimum requirement for a front-end developer's job. Of course you will be expected to learn more once you get started but, you've got the foundation. My job is not to spoonfeed you. Pretty sure you are capable to do that. Once you get halfway through JS, you'll know whats next to do. After this you will pretty much become an independent developer. Then, you will not care about anyone's advice about what to do. You will start walking in your own path. Thats the most important thing that you should be looking for. Its not just about learning the content, its about applying it in real life as well. Its gonna be tough, the world of Programming is filled with prejudice, rejections, doubt and most importantly failure. But master the discipline and love your craft so that no matter how despicable you feel, there will always be one thing within you that no one can take over and it'll always serve satisfaction everytime you do it. Create that thing and take it with you ahead in life.

Be good at something, it makes you valuable. Have something to bring to the table, because that will make you more welcome.